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Vladimir Putin Televises ISIL’s Destruction


In London and New York, the sellout media trolls sat poised, chomping at their bits, ready to pounce even before their masters spanked them with their riding crops, at the instant a Russian bomb hit in Syria. Then all at once, they chimed in, proclaiming missed targets, hit civilians, and anything else that would offset the fact Russia is already kicking some terrorist ass. Yes, Russia has already started killing extremists and proving it, while the US, Britain and France try and figure out how to hide their puny efforts against ISIL. Coming soon, the Russian documentary, “How We Won the War With ISIL and Televised It! 

You read it, like I did, now here’s the fact of the matter of the Ruskies whipping up on ISIL. Here’s an alternative theory, on how the US and the coalition are scrambling to cover up, a mess you never dreamed of, because your media never gave you an inkling of what is really going on in Syria.

A better map showing the various combatants around Homs and other targets Russia hit (2014) Click the map to see original large view
A better map showing the various combatants around Homs and other targets Russia hit (2014)
Click the map to see original large view

I won’t bore you with too many spoiled sport western media headlines, only a few to show how idiotic and careless most reporters have become. Listen up folks, if the UK and US journalists gave a damn about human life or killing terror before, today’s lesson is – you’re being fed news by some really nasty little fuckers these days. So before the big story, here’s how your western media sees today’s Syria.

“U.S. warns Russia against striking non-Islamic State groups in Syria” – via the Chicago Tribune, and by the biggest group of vested interest sellouts on Earth – the Associated Press …. This piece implies Central Command and Obama’s air cover over ISIL specialists are actually doing something about the most feared terror group on Earth. Well, they’re not. End result, the Chicago Tribune cannot be trusted.
Russian air strikes in Syria: ‘They didn’t hit Isis’, US and France say as emergency talks planned – live” – this “emergency” call to action is from The Independent, which is anything but Lizzie Dearden works for one of Vladimir Putin’s most staunch haters, oligarch Alexander Lebedev. Nuff said.
Sorry, more Associated Press news carnage comes via The Boston Herald with
“The Latest: Syrian group says Russian strikes killed 36” – Like I said, the Associated Press has become the anti-Christ of news truth these last two years. End result? Don’t trust the Boston Globe on anything more than Red Sox or Celtics scores.
Over at BBC, I guess you know the Queen Mother’s network is typically pompous, mis-informative, and anti-Putin again. The headline “Philip Hammond: Russia ‘must confirm Syria air strike target’ suggest Vladimir Putin gives a damn what British fogies have to say any more. After two and a half years of continual lies and bombastic meddling, Mother Russia is collectively shooting BBC headquarters the bird. End result for BBC, to be determined once the people of Britain get enough. It’s sad when empires fall… Britain is in the third world of policy.

Anyway, you know the drill by now. Corporate or government controlled media in the western hemisphere was “all in” from the start on this Russophobia gig. Anyone who holds out hope the Rupert Murdochs or Rockefellers of this world will relent, wake up. Now for what really happened. The Russian Defense Ministry Video below reveals the most recent Russian Aerospace Forces engaging four more ISIS facilities last night while the BBC slept. These latest bombing runs show clearly, Mr. Putin’s resolve was not simply a Russian bear barking at the UN the other day. It’s time the coalition against ISIL got on board, or got out of the way one.

A post I wrote the other day for News Front revealed a theory about the Obama administration’s real motivations in Syria. To fill you in briefly, I think US forces are actually flying air cover for ISIL and moderate Kurds intent on overthrowing Syria’s Assad. This is why Obama has not been keen to accept Vladimir Putin’s gesture of tag teaming ISIL in the first place. It seems clear that up to 75% of Israel’s oil comes from Northeast Syria and Kurdish controlled Iraq, so pipelines supplying the Israelis would normally be BIG BIG BIG targets if anybody wanted to stop ISIL’s money flow. Nope, no dice there. Apparently the Kurds and ISIL share revenue on oil exports!!! No, it’s not just me saying this. But wait, there’s more. 

Vladimir Putin before the UN General Assembly on Monday (Kremlin)

What if the reason the Pentagon would not clear air space over ISIL for Putin’s forces to go kill terrorist in eastern Syria and Iraq was not a “who’s the boss” pissing contest? What if the Obama administration has some cleaning up to do before Russian Sukhois and Migs start filming targets where America has failed so far? What if US and coalition jets, drones, cruise missiles, and choppers have hit NOTHING in the last year? This would explain the reverse logic, the reluctance to get ISIL over with!!! Yes, it’s seeping in, isn’t it? Gone on, admit it.

This report by NBC News confuses, misinforms, and sets the stage for bailing out the Pentagon.
“Pentagon: Russia Airstrikes Are ‘Pouring Gasoline on a Fire” – so we have it on the record, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is where the “buck stops” in case Russian flyovers or intel prove later, American hit nothing but stray camels in those Middle East deserts the last year. Sorry, this is my country, a country with an untrustworthy government in place. And Mr. Putin’s government? Well, unless I miss my guess, the Russian Defense Ministry is under orders to catalog and televise every anti-ISIL bombing run the Russian air forces engage with. Two days and two video reports do not surprise me, Mr. Putin and his PR people are that brilliant.

Oh, I promised to show what really happened in these Russian air attacks. Yesterday all the western press was about Russian fighter bombers attacking “other than” targets just East of Damascus. Let’s remember, Putin’s forces were not granted free air space over ISIL. The Brits jumped on Russia first, with claims the city of Homs had no terrorists. But, in fact, the areas struck in Homs are mostly controlled by Al-Qaeda affiliate the Al-Nusra Front. and as for those strikes in Latakia, that area is mostly controlled by a coalition known as the Army of Conquest, which includes Al-Nusra.

Map from 2014 showing the dynamics of Al Nusra and ISIL terrorist positions inside Syria.
Map from 2014 showing the dynamics of Al Nusra and ISIL terrorist positions inside Syria

As you can see on the map above, hitting a terrorist in Syria is a bit like fishing in a barrel. But I guess Mail Online forgot they had already reported on the “Army of Conquest” bunch earlier this year? Well, all this back and forth lying is getting confusing, for readers and for writers. (Opps! Can’t trust the Mail either!) Oh WAIT! I have spoken too soon! Reuters did post a 9 word announcement telling the world about Russia attacking this terrorist group! Here that is via CNBC. Anyhow, the map above should help you sort out how come the Russian forces attacked where they did, for surely you cannot trust ANY media from London or New York to do so.

Already, after the first day, US Secretary of State John Kerry has “grave concerns” being parroted by BBC and London. No doubt those concerns involve figuring out how to hid shell craters in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Northern Iraq or Syria! Sorry, I have become jaded over Mr. Kerry’s “grave” innuendo and groundless allegations. If John Kerry were to wear a lie detector wrist watch he’d sound off like a Geiger counter at Fukushima’s melted down nuclear reactor buildings.

As I type this, The Guardian reports Russian air strikes continuing, this time in obvious support of Syria army troops combating the various Islamic insurgents North and East of Damascus. The town of Jisr Ash-Shughur is in the thick of this chaotic war, as denoted in the map (inset area around Leppo) at top. The strikes today, apparently against the Jaysh al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) again, seem to be a evidence of a graduated strategy forming for Russian support missions. Of course this could be just my perception, but it’s as if Kerry and the Pentagon wished Russia would stay out, and now they expect Putin’s legions to nuke ISIL all at once!

As for covering up pot holes out in the desert taxpayers spend millions to bomb, Mr. Putin alluded to this after his UN speech the other day. And not every western media report consistently tells these lies. I found one Newsweek report that talks about groups like the Army of Conquest being funded by the CIA. This makes me wonder to myself; “Which is worse, bought and sold journalism, or just plain stupid reporters?” I think we’ve seen both ends of this jackass reporting on Russia and Putin the last two years. What do you think?

The big news flash this morning is not about back biting, paid off western reporters though. Nor is it about Russia picking off some whacko terrorists in the middle of nowhere. The biggest revelation this morning is that the US no longer denies backing rebels in Syria against President Assad. This Buzzfeed account speaks of Tajamu al-Izza and the anti-tank missiles the CIA gave them. So if I am not dreaming, those pesky Ruskies may well end up revealing US taxpayer funding of head chopping ISIL warriors after all. This is going to be a mess for Washington… and a dangerous one for all of us normal people to weather, if we don’t pay close attention.

End result – do your Middle East geography lessons boys and girls, Obama and Co. are betting you don’t know crap about Syria or who is fighting whom. Then again, if Mr. Putin televises the whole thing live, we won’t have to wonder, will we?

Phil Butler

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